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The AquaCove by Desktop Oasis is a special type of aquarium: it's compact, contains live animals, and it's maintenance free!


Enjoy the luxury of an aquarium without any of the hassle. No water changes, No filters.

Great as Gifts

Every AquaCove is unique - they make the perfect gift! They're also great for kids!

Full of Life

Our balanced aquariums are brimming with life: crustaceans, micro-organisms, algae, and many others!


Our shrimp are bred in our aquaculture facility. Your purchase will only help to increase the long-term survival of this amazing species!

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What's in it For You?

Inside the glass AquaCove you'll find bright red shrimp that live with natural coral skeletons on top of finely crushed sand, all sourced in the United States.

  • Glass Enclosure

    Holds 30 fluid ounces, 4" Diameter x 6" Height. Comes with air-tight lid. Made in the USA.
  • Natural Coral

    Real coral skeletons. Comes pre-seeded with beneficial bacteria and algae. Sourced in the USA and cultured at Desktop Oasis.
  • Live Shrimp

    Bright red Opae Ula (Hawaiian for "Red Shrimp"). Shrimp are bred sustainably at Desktop Oasis.
  • Crushed Sand

    Finely crushed white/pink sand comes pre-washed and sourced in the USA.

Live-on-arrival guarantee

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Your Workspace should
Rejuvenate & Inspire You

Miniature Aquariums by Desktop Oasis are great at relieving stress, giving you that extra boost of energy you need to get through your day, and it's also a source of inspiration and creativity.


Take a break from daily stress and escape to a tropical world as you look upon bright-red shrimp while they swim and graze on algae.


A natural habitat up-close and at your fingertips gives you a great view into a beautiful environment rich in color and texture.


A minute or two of watching a calm, natural ecosystem is enough to leave you feeling replenished and ready for whatever comes next.


A few moments of watching closely can do wonders to help you refuel and give yourself a quick boost of energy.


Stimulate your creativity and enhance your state of mind by gazing upon creatures that flutter as wing'd with joy.


Did you know Picasso had a miniature shrimp aquarium next to his easle? You'll be just as excited to work through your next creation.

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Red/Purple Cyanobacteria


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AquaColony (Large)



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Frequently Asked Questions

New Customers

The AquaCove is a fully-contained, self-sustaining, miniature aquarium (or ecosystem) - it is an elegant piece of nature that sits comfortably on your desktop while you work, or anywhere at home.
You do not have to clean the jar. However, over time algae may build up on the inside of the glass, which you can clean easily with a Q-Tip or napkin, but it's not necessary. A supply of algae is the food source for the shrimp and is not harmful in large quantities.
Normally, no. But, this depends - if there is not a noticeable quantity of algae (brown or green) it may help to feed the shrimp. It is easy to overfeed, so we are working on a solution to allow accurate measurement of feeding dosage.
All you need to do is find the right spot to put it, and that's it! Click here for 3 Simple Rules for proper placement. Other than that, the AquaCove is the ultimate care-free pet!
Shrimp in AquaCoves can survive a few years (1-3+) if kept in the proper environment.  Larger units can last much, much longer (10+ years) through successive generations. Click here if you are interested in a larger AquaCove.

Happy Customers

The lid helps to prevent evaporation, but is not required. If you like, you can open the lid to gain a better view, and replace it when you're done.
Slowly refill the jar with distilled, room-temperature water only. Do not use tapwater as it may contain impurities and/or toxins that can harm the habitat (chlorine, copper, etc.).
Shrimp inside the AquaCove will most likely not reproduce. In larger environments, they will breed quite readily and can survive through generations! Click here if you are interested in a larger AquaCove.
If you notice a pale, white/gray skeleton at the bottom, this is actually the molted exoskeleton of the shrimp and is part of the growing process - it's also a sign of a healthy shrimp! Otherwise, it is normal for 1-2 shrimp to die over time, as there is no way to know for sure the health and age of every shrimp we send, but if all shrimp die at the same time it is likely due to improper placement and/or exceeding suggested temperatures. However, as long as one shrimp lives, the AquaCove is a healthy and functioning aquarium.
It is normal for the shrimp to hide occasionally - but over time you should see them grazing and swimming casually. If you have not seen them for more than two weeks - try opening the lid and displacing the coral/rock inside to see if they come out. Moving the jar or coral inside is stressful, so only do it if necessary.

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