The big idea

Reconnect with Nature

Desktop Oasis was founded to help you reconnect with nature. We hope to become a source of inspiration in your daily life, a reason to stop and think, breathe deeply, and live.

With a beautiful aquascape by your side, we'll help you alleviate stress, become more aware, and be a happier you.

A short story

“Bonsai in a Box” sparked a flame that has never stopped burning. A gift from my sister sent thousands of miles to a cold, remote, dusty tent in Iraq, it contained seeds and soil to grow my very own bonsai tree.

I joyfully welcomed the thought of something green, something alive. Winter was approaching, so I placed it under the dimly lit fluorescent lights above my cot and waited patiently for it to sprout.

Unfortunately, as the tiny green shoots of this baby seedling appeared, the temperatures became too extreme. What had become my only comfort of home, the only noticable green life for miles, was slowly dying.

During one of my darkest hours, I developed a deep respect and love for life and our relationship with nature.

Most of us have a natural connection with green, living things. But we’re becoming increasingly distanced from it. Let's reconnect with our inner-nature.

The Problem

Our work space today is much like the barren desert I became familiar with. Offices and cubicles are dusty, uninspiring, dry, and devoid of life.

No wonder we’re fatigued by 2:30 in the afternoon. Coming home from deployment, excited with every little freedom I was once denied, I surrounded myself with living things. Plants, birds, fish, hamsters, even fungi, my bedroom was a breathing mess. I may have gone a bit overboard.

But I felt alive.

The Solution

Bring nature to us.
It’s absolutely the easiest way to breathe life into your work space and energize your day. Our products are based on giving people what I was barred from having: nature, life, a place to call home.

With our help, you can have a living, breathing companion that relieves stress, inspires you, and rejuvenates you throughout your day.

Breathe life into your workspace
and let your mind wander.